Multifunction Printer vs Standard Copier: The Key Differences

Printer Maintenance

A broken or damaged office copier reduces productivity and even prevents work from being completed. A broken copier not only reduces productivity, but it can also harm the company as a whole if time-sensitive documents need to be processed.
Office copiers, like cars, are complex machines that require regular maintenance to function properly. Even with proper use, parts wear out over time, requiring maintenance on your copier. They require routine maintenance, which is why you need a dependable service partner to ensure that a broken copier doesn’t ruin your day.

Between scheduled services, you can perform minor maintenance to keep your copier running smoothly:

  • At least once a month, dust the copier.
  • Regularly clean the copier’s glass.
  • To avoid spills, keep liquids away from the copier.
  • If you’re having regular problems, contact your IT department or a maintenance partner.

Why do you require a maintenance partner?

It’s a smart option to have a reliable maintenance partner on hand in case of a breakdown or general wear and tear. Your copier will be up to date on repairs and a technician will be dispatched to repair your equipment within hours if you have an established maintenance partner. A repair partner with a high first-call resolution rate (fixing the copier problem on the first visit) will save you money on future repairs and ensure that common issues are resolved.

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