6 Basic Photocopier & Printer issues and their Solutions


Everyone who has worked in an office knows how distressing copy machine and printer issues can be. Anyone who has experienced a broken or malfunctioning copy machine when they need it the most knows that office copy machines have an uncanny ability to frustrate people.
Here are six of the most common printer issues are listed below, along with some quick fixes.


The most common copy machine malfunction is a paper jam. The causes range from using the wrong paper size to loading the paper incorrectly. Because of these issues, copiers pull the paper through incorrectly, causing a jam. Employees may be late for meetings or miss important deadlines as a result of the delay. Manually removing the jammed paper and reloading the proper paper size or correcting the paper alignment is required to resolve these issues. There’s also the problem of paper dust, which clogs machines and causes paper jams. Cleaning the feed tires and vacuuming the dust built up inside the copier are the best ways to avoid paper dust.


There’s a problem with the copier if you copy a document with simple text or images and the finished copy has streaks, lines, or other deformities. Because this problem can occur for a variety of reasons, finding a solution may require some photocopier troubleshooting.

The following are some possible sources for this copy machine issue:

  • Foreign substances on the scanner glass or mirrors
  • Faulty drum or developer unit (only applies to multi-component copier systems)
  • A drum-blade malfunction caused large vertical lines down the page.
  • Problem with fusers

The first problem is solved by cleaning the scanner glass and mirrors and removing interferences. Cleaning instructions can be found in the user manual for your device. The remaining problems can be resolved by replacing the offending unit. Contacting your service provider should resolve these issues.


Toner cartridges that are low, empty, or malfunctioning can cause problems with your copy machine. Replacing toner or cartridges that are low or empty should solve the problem. One of two things could be causing a cartridge to malfunction:
Manufacturer error – Bring a copy of the low-quality copies as well as the cartridge to the store and ask for a replacement.
Incompatibility issues – Most copy machines require specific toner; using an incompatible version will result in poor print quality.


Crinkled copy pages don’t scream “professional.” What if employees showed up for a big sales meeting with wrinkly flyers, or submitted reports that looked like they came from the bottom of a student’s backpack? Worn-out feed and exit rollers can cause sticking or jamming, resulting in wrinkled pages. Wrinkled pages can also be caused by worn-out paper trays, moisture caused by humidity, and fuser assemblies. Do not use paper stock that is visibly damaged for any reason. Paper trays can be replaced if they become damaged. The fuser assembly and feed rollers, on the other hand, require the assistance of a technician.


The majority of issues with lightness and darkness on copy pages are caused by an imbalance in the copier’s density controls. Someone may have previously inadvertently changed the settings, causing subsequent images to be too light or dark. Resetting the density levels is the best solution in this case. However, it’s also possible that the drum is nearing the end of its useful life, or that the machine’s toner has gone bad. Some aftermarket toners do not meet manufacturer specifications, which can cause light density issues. Purchase and install replacements as soon as possible.


As the name implies, random arrays of dots completely ruin an otherwise perfect copy in this copy machine problem. If the dots appear in the same spot every time, smudges or debris on the copy mirror or glass are most likely to blame. This can be fixed by cleaning the glass and mirrors properly once more.
A defect in the drum could cause a more random array of spots to appear throughout the document. The problem should be resolved by replacing the drums.


There are a few steps you can take in addition to the solutions mentioned above to reduce problems with your office copiers and printers. First, when loading or unloading paper from the machine, never use force. Second, to avoid wear and tear issues, make sure to stick to the replacement timelines for critical parts and fixtures on the copy machine. Finally, have the copy machine professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Many of the issues mentioned above can be caused by a buildup of dust and debris inside the machine.

As you can see, there are a lot of things to keep an eye on in order to keep your copier or printer running smoothly. A Maintenace partner is the best way to ensure continued performance.

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