Gain complete control over your printing

Our print management solutions can help eliminate waste and reduce print costs by around 30%.  Whether documents are paper or digital, they’re essential to help serve customers and drive business. Our print management solutions can help you gain control of your documents.

Our Printer Management Solution enables you to control, manage and monitor your entire print environment. All to reduce costs, bolster security and improve ease of use.  We are local, care about your business and have the best solution to meet your requirements. We have years of experience in Selling, installing, leasing, and maintaining photocopiers, printers, scanners, and fax machines.

We serve a wide range of Supplies & Services for Educational Institutions, Real estate, and legal agencies, Medical Centers, Engendering & Construction companies, Book shop centers offices, etc.



Gespage is an app designed to check and handle the usage of your print equipment, whether they are printers (network and local), photocopiers or multifunction (MFP).

Gespage also allows you to take care of the customers of these print factors (accessibility rights, allocations …).

Gespage application has to be installed on a Windows or Linux print web server, that is, to specify a web server that holds print queues and also shares them on the network. The Web design of Gespage is made easily accessible to the manager from the connect with an internet browser.

My Q

MyQ puts respect into document workflow management. We know there are real people behind every document – and they are asking for a bit of help to make their daily activities be more convenient, secure, and cost-effective and to allow them to focus on what they do best.

MyQ meets these needs by helping them create their own individualized user experience – whether this is in a large corporate office, in a hospital, at a school library, or even in a home office. By building respect into our software, MyQ enables organizations and individuals to accelerate the pace of workflow digitization and more effectively support their printer fleet.

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Paper Cut

Founded in 1998, PaperCut first developed a print quota application to address a need in a local high school. From these small beginnings, it’s grown to a full print management package that’s now used in over 195 countries at 70,000 sites by 110+ million end-users across all markets.

They make innovative software that’s easy to use and accessible to everyone. We’re very proud of our engineering-driven culture informed by close communications with Their users

PaperCut’s headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, and supported by a global network of resellers and partners. As a fast-growing international company we have presences in the US and UK.

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Y Soft
Y Soft

Y Soft

Y Soft is a globally operating company that enables businesses to run smarter with intelligent enterprise office solutions. Today, their integrated software and hardware solutions – the YSoft SafeQ platform – provide organizations the opportunity to become highly competitive through the use of efficient 2D and 3D print solutions, document capture capabilities, and streamlined, automated workflows.

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