Five Vital Points about Printer Consumables

Printer Consumables

When purchasing a printer, printer consumables are sometimes disregarded. However, given their essential role in ensuring the maintenance and functionality of your equipment, it’s clear that consumables rank highly on the office supply list of any company. Here are five insights about this simple yet undervalued printer accessory that you might not know.

The term “consumables” refers to more than just cartridges.

Consumables, or products that are purchased on a regular basis as part of your printer’s regular maintenance, include printer ink cartridges, toner cartridges, and other supplies such as printer drums and fuser units.

Consumables for printers can be recycled.

Many of the top printer manufacturers, including Ricoh, Sharp, and Canon, have recycling programs that allow you to send your used ink and toner cartridges back to them for free. Visit the website of your printer’s manufacturer to learn more about how you can reduce waste, help the environment, and keep your consumables out of landfills.

The best consumables are those that have been approved by the manufacturer.

Budget ink and toner cartridges can have a negative impact on the quality of your printing, as well as damage your printer and void your warranty. Your manufacturer’s recommended consumables have been designed to work with your hardware and produce high-quality prints. Although it may be tempting to look at other options, always buy manufacturer-approved products from a reputable reseller like us at JAK.

High-capacity consumables can make your printer more affordable.

Buying a cheap printer doesn’t always mean you’ll save money if you have to replace ink and toner more frequently than necessary. Cartridges can last anywhere from a few pages on low-cost inkjet printers to 40,000 pages on high-end laser printers, depending on the model. To lower your overall cost per page, make sure you’ve chosen a printer that’s right for you. Look for models with high-capacity cartridges.

Ink has a lot more to it than you might think.

In order for their cartridges to work with their printers, each manufacturer formulates and patents the ink in their cartridges. Because third-party inks are likely to be different, the print head – a fine sieve through which ink passes on its way to the paper – is more likely to become clogged. Clogs cause flaws like streaks, smears, and dotting, and if the print head is part of the printer rather than the cartridge, repairs can be expensive. Before considering third-party consumables, always check the printer information provided by your manufacturer.

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