Benefits of Print Management for your business

Multifunction Printer

While looking at the advantages of print management for your company, don’t assume that managed print software alone is the key to controlling your print environment and reducing expenses. While individual device management is preferable, partnering with a solution provider will result in a more comprehensive print strategy with more advantages.

The following are the top five benefits of managed print solutions for businesses:

1. In-Depth Evaluation

An in-depth print evaluation will provide you with the data you need to reduce printing costs and boost productivity. This evaluation will assist in determining which devices should be removed, replaced, or relocated. This will help you to streamline your processes, save money on consumables, and save energy. The evaluation will also assist you in identifying security risks in your print environment.

2. Oversight of Operations

Employees save time by using print management software to keep track of day-to-day operational issues like maintenance, hardware repairs, software updates, and toner levels. It also generates detailed reporting on print expenditures and allows you to bill clients back when necessary.

3. Automation & Optimization of Workflows

Automating the delivery of print consumables is a simple and convenient way to save money, eliminate waste, and free up space in your office. Preventing unplanned downtime and improving customer service is easier with automated alerting for routine maintenance and repairs.
Workflow optimizations such as enterprise content management and integrating content management portals directly into devices are available with a managed print solution. Healthcare organizations, for example, can scan documents directly into patient medical records, and law firms can scan documents directly into secure case files. IP fax can redirect all incoming faxes to email, reducing the cost of fax lines and printing while also improving security.

4. Advanced Security

According to a Thinktank study, 60% of the 2000 global IT security professionals polled thought they had experienced a data breach involving a network-connected printer. Secure document release (SDR) and follow-you-printing are two print management strategies that prevent confidential data from sitting in printer trays for anyone to see and eliminate waste from abandoned print jobs.

5. Asset Management

For timely support and supply delivery, complete monitoring and reporting on all print assets, as they move and change within an organization, is critical. Asset management allows you to tailor device information, tracking, and monthly cost-per-copy invoicing to your company’s specific needs.

To conclude, a best-in-class print management solution allows you to save time and money while also increasing productivity and lowering risk.

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