Buying or leasing. Which is Better When Choosing a Photocopier

Office Photocopiers

For many businesses, purchasing a printer or photocopier is a significant investment. Depending on the capabilities you require, a multifunction machine for the business can cost anywhere from 1,000 Dhs to 20,000 Dhs. Aside from the initial purchase price, ongoing supply and maintenance costs can have a severe impact on operational budgets and bottom lines.

As a result, some businesses may prefer to lease a copier rather than buy one.

You must first grasp the advantages and disadvantages of each choice, as well as your company’s requirements and processes, before deciding whether to lease or buy a photocopier. Let’s look at the benefits and drawbacks of leasing versus purchasing a photocopier to help you make the best decision for your company.

The advantages of Leasing a copier

By leasing a copier, you can receive a high-quality photocopier for a low initial investment. If you’re a small firm with a limited budget but a need for a large copying machine, this could be the answer.

Copier machines, like cars, can be leased on a plan that prevents you from paying for the asset’s ultimate depreciation. When your lease expires, the firm that provided you with the lease will simply collect their copier and handle any needed maintenance and repairs.

If you’re a very modern business that needs the latest technology then leasing a photocopier may be right for your business.

Difficulties of leasing a copier

  • The cost of monthly payments over a fixed period of time can add up quickly, and you are required to complete the lease agreement in its entirety.
  • Because you don’t own the copier, there are restrictions on what you can do with it, and you can’t sell it.

The advantages of Buying a photocopier

  • You can have complete control over what you do with your photocopier machines if you own them outright.
  • There’s no need to fill out any paperwork or go through the leasing process. You simply purchase them and utilize them as you see fit.
  • You also have complete freedom to sell them if you want to, and you may be able to recoup some of your costs.
  • Businesses who don’t need to stay up with the latest technology or care about complex features can choose from a variety of reasonably priced solutions.

The disadvantages of buying a copier

  • The initial cost of purchasing a photocopier might be overwhelming for some firms, particularly if they require a machine with extensive capabilities.
  • Repair and replacement fees can add up quickly, and you’ll have to come up with the funds to repair it if it breaks down.
  • When your copier becomes obsolete, you’re stuck with it until you can sell it and upgrade to a newer one.

So should I buy or lease a photocopier/printer?

Many considerations go into determining which option is best for you. Leasing may be a better alternative if your business relies on staying current with new technologies. You won’t have to buy new photocopiers as frequently, and you won’t have to make major purchases as often.

If your demands are minimal and older models will suffice, buying may be the best alternative because your total costs will not surpass the cost of the equipment. What matters is how long you intend to maintain your copiers. It’s always advisable to consult an expert like us at Epic Solutions before making this decision. Discussing your requirements and goals with us will provide you with information on the many models available as well as their typical lifespans.

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