Ricoh RansomCare: Fortify Your Data Against Ransomware Attacks

Ricoh RansomCare

In a world where cybercriminals constantly innovate and surpass traditional methods of detection, businesses face an ever-present risk of ransomware attacks. The consequences of these attacks can be devastating, leading to significant downtime and financial losses. However, solutions like RansomCare by Ricoh offer a last line of defense, providing immediate response and endpoint isolation when ransomware activity is detected. As evidenced by recent incidents like the Dublin airport staff’s salary data breach, organizations must prioritize comprehensive cybersecurity measures to protect sensitive information and maintain business continuity.

Ricoh RansomCare is a cloud-based, agentless solution that can help businesses protect themselves from ransomware attacks. It works by monitoring all file shares where ransomware typically does its damage and using AI and machine learning to identify unauthorized changes in file activity. When ransomware is detected, RansomCare immediately isolates the source of the attack and generates an alert. This helps to limit the spread of ransomware and minimize the damage it can cause.

RansomCare also provides detailed reporting that can be used to speed up data restoration and compliance reporting. It can be deployed in days with minimal demand on IT resources, and it integrates seamlessly with leading security applications and productivity tools.

In the case of the Dublin Airport staff salary data breach, Ricoh RansomCare could have helped to prevent the attack from happening in the first place. By monitoring all file shares and using AI and machine learning to identify unauthorized changes in file activity, RansomCare could have detected the ransomware infection early on and isolated the affected endpoint. This would have prevented the ransomware from spreading to other endpoints and encrypting the salary data of nearly 2,000 staff.

Ricoh RansomCare is a valuable tool that can help businesses of all sizes protect themselves from ransomware attacks. It is a comprehensive solution that offers a variety of benefits, including:

  • Immediate response and endpoint isolation when ransomware activity is detected
  • Low IT overhead with agentless solution enabling fast and easy remote deployment
  • Detailed reporting simplifies data restoration and compliance reporting
  • Detects both known and unknown ransomware variants
  • Monitors all file shares where ransomware does its worst damage
  • Complements your endpoint and perimeter defenses
  • Detects unauthorized changes in file activity
  • Responds by immediately isolating the source
  • Detailed reporting speeds recovery
  • Deploys in days with minimal demand on IT resources
  • No agent also means you don’t have to worry about network or device performance issues
  • Monitoring configures automatically, leaving you only to define alert settings
  • Seamless integration with SharePoint™, Office 365™, and many cloud services
  • OS–agnostic for monitoring devices and network environments
  • Integration with Cisco ISE, Windows Defender ATP, and other security solutions

With the increasing frequency and sophistication of ransomware attacks, organizations must adopt a multi-layered security approach to safeguard their data and operations. RansomCare, a comprehensive solution by Ricoh, offers businesses a last line of defense against active ransomware attacks. By providing immediate response, endpoint isolation, and detailed reporting, RansomCare significantly reduces the risk of financial loss and operational disruption caused by ransomware incidents. In a landscape where the threat of cyberattacks is a matter of “when” rather than “if,” RansomCare serves as an active member of your team, dedicated to protecting your business from the ever-evolving cybersecurity challenges of today.

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